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I consider myself a spirit activator, a transformational teacher, a healer, and a guide. I coach, teach, do energy healing work and trainings, and take people on epic life-changing adventures.

I also design and make jewelry to support my nonprofit, PROJECT SOLSHINE, and I represent products on TV.

In my old life, I was a TV producer, director, and spokesperson for fitness and wellness products for over 25 years.

At age 44, with a successful TV career that left me feeling burnt out, I had my first moment of SURRENDER. I realized something had to change—BIG time. Maybe everything.

Next came the decision to take a journey deep inside myself, to get to know who I truly am, how I became this person, and what tweaks I needed to make to shift and work on the stuff that derailed me in the past.

It’s the greatest gift I gave myself.

This journey took me several times to Bali, India, and Nepal, home to my family in England, and on a solo journey with my dogs across the entire USA in a camper van for nine months.

I found a lot of answers. I received a lot of lessons. I studied with incredible coaches, spiritual healers, shamans, and ordinary people who served as magical guides along my way. Most of all, I found my own inner compass. I became my own greatest teacher, healer, and guide.

It’s still a journey, always a journey, and that’s the fun. That’s the point.

Find your spark.

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